Calendars for 2023
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2022 Calendars can still be found here
General account of the calendars and models with ideas on their usage.Notes [100]
All of these are 3-dimensional models of the conventional cut-out, fold-up and glue variety.

Roughly, in order of difficulty with the easiest at the top.
Cone [54]
Rhombic Prism [72]
Triangular Prism [56]
Pentagonal Antiprism [40]
Tetrahedron [53]
Right Pyramid [84]
Oblique Pyramid [54]
Octahedron [67]
Rhombohedron [68]
Delta-dodecahedron [50]
Regular dodecahedron [50]
These are models of the 'fold and tuck' variety which require NO glue. Triangular Prism [62]
Hexagonal Prism [65]
Tetrahedron [65]
Easy to make, but a puzzle to solve!Flexi-tetrahedron [50]
Different! It uses 4 cubes to display the day, date and month.Calendar Cubes [300]
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