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Miscellaneous Papers
These papers represent only my personal opinions. They do not in any way indicate the opinion of any other organisation and they have not been refereed or moderated in any way. Some of them have been published elsewhere.
It is hoped that the ideas to be found here might provoke a few thoughts.
Frank Tapson
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Mathematics in the 21st Century [50]What might the mathematics curriculum become during the course of the 21st century? And why.

Standard Mathematical
Input Notation
Do we need a 'language interface' in order to communicate mathematics to, and between, computers?

The Language of Mathematics [20]Is the language of mathematics (at school level) always as clear as it might be?

BODMAS [20]What does that O mean?

A Formula Miscellany [30]Some thoughts on usage, and appearances in the media.

The Power of 2 [10]How a simple arithmetical operation, like multiplying by 2,
can have surprising results.

Patterns with Primes [40]Some interesting number work with primes can be generated by attempting to make patterns.

All of this material is © Frank Tapson 2004
It is made available here for downloading and dissemination for

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