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NO guarantee as to the accuracy of these values is given.
And they should be checked against some other source.
Additional Information
The purpose of this calculator is to see how the measure of a *unit drink* OR *unit of alcohol* OR *standard drink* (or whatever else it might be called) compares between two countries.
Thus, by selecting UK and USA, we can find that 1 *unit drink* in the UK is equivalent to 0.564 (just over half) of a *standard drink* in the USA.
Or, by selecting USA and UK, that 1 *standard drink* in the USA is equivalent to 1.77 (about one and three-quarters) *unit drinks* in the UK.
Equivalent means that the two contain the same amount of alcohol.

There are calculators for finding the number of alcohol units contained in various sizes of measures either in
different countries OR the UK ONLY

This calculator deals with 16 different countries having 11 different *standards*. An overview of this situation, and why these differences exist is given in the General Notes
Other than changing the countries by selecting from the two drop-down menus it is also possible to put a value in the first box (from 0.1 to 100) and click on [Calculate It].
All values are given to 3 significant figures (which is more than adequate for all this work) but unvalued zeros are not shown.

There is a separate calculator for finding
the %AbV

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