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Calculators for Alcohol
Content of Liquids

This suite of 4 calculators (plus background notes) is intended to help in
work associated with assessing the alcoholic content of drinks
Units of Alcohol in the UKThis allows the number of units of alcohol in a given quantity of liquid to be found, given that the percentage of alcohol by volume (AbV) is known.
It applies ONLY to the UK.
Units of Alcohol WorldwideSimilar to the above but adjustable, so as to cover the *standards* of 16 different countries.
Equivalent ValuesThis gives the direct relationship between *drink units* in any two of 16 different countries.
AbV & Equivalent ValuesTo establish the value of the alcohol content of a liquid when expressed in different ways
Background NotesAttempting to clarify the overall situation, by explaining how it came about and why *standards* vary so much between countries.
BookA collection of A4 pages providing various ways of assessing the alcohol content of drinks.
Suitable for U K only.
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