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Puzzle Trio 19

55. The other day I was asked if I could help someone by providing change for a 50p piece. (I think they wanted to make a phone call.)
When I emptied out my pockets I found I had 13 coins which totalled 4.99
But I was unable to give change for the exact value of 50p!

How many 50p coins did I have?

56. If the only sister of your mother's only brother had an only child,
what would be its relationship to you?

57. The diagram shows the cross-section of a circular tunnel of diameter 3 metres, designed to carry a single line of traffic.
The road AB is 2 metres wide.
A lorry is shown fitted exactly into the tunnel so that it touches at its top corners.
(We hope this only happens in puzzles!)
The lorry is 1.2 metres wide across its top.

What is the height from the road to the top of the lorry?

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