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Olympic Games - Some Track and Field Records

MEN's Track and Field Events
100 metresDonovan Bailey Canada9.84s1996Atlanta
200 metresMichael JohnsonUSA 19.32s1996Atlanta
400 metresMichael JohnsonUSA 43.49s1996Atlanta
800 metresVebjoern RodalNorway 1m 42.58s1996Atlanta
1500 metresNoah NgenyKenya 3m 32.07s2000Sydney
5000 metresSaid AouitaMorocco 13m 5.59s1984Los Angeles
10000 metresKenenisa BekeleEthiopia 27m 5.10s2004Athens
MarathonCarlos LopesPortugal 2h 9m 21s1984Los Angeles
SteeplechaseJulius KariukiKenya 8m 5.51s1988Seoul
High JumpCharles AustinUSA 2.39 m1996Atlanta
Long JumpBob BeamonUSA 8.90 m1968Mexico City
Pole VaultTimothy MackUSA5.95m 2004Athens
ShotUlf TimmermannGerman Dem. Rep. 22.47 m1988Seoul
DiscusVirgilijus AleknaLithuania 69.89 m2004Athens
Javelin**Jan ZeleznyCzechoslovakia 90.17 m2000Sydney

WOMEN's Track and Field Events
100 metresFlorence Griffith JoynerUSA10.62s*1988Seoul
200 metresFlorence Griffith JoynerUSA21.34s1988Seoul
400 metresMarie-Jose PerecFrance48.25s1996Atlanta
800 metresNadiya OlizarenkoUSSR1m 53.43s1980Moscow
1500 metresPaula IvanRomania 3m 53.96s1988Seoul
5000 metresGabriela SzaboRomania 14m 40.79s2000Sydney
10000 metresDerartu TuluEthiopa 30m 17.49s2000Sydney
MarathonNaoko TakahashiJapan2h 23m 14s2000Sydney
High JumpYelena SlesarenkoRussia 2.06 m2004Athens
Long JumpJackie Joyner KerseeUSA 7.40 m1988Seoul
ShotIlona SlupianekGerman Dem. Rep. 22.41 m1980Moscow
DiscusMartina HellmannGerman Dem. Rep. 72.30 m1988Seoul
Javelin**Osleidys MenendezCuba 71.53 m2004Athens

* indicates the record was set during one of the preliminary heats.
In some cases a better result (time or distance) can be found for an event, but this usually means
the better result was made with a wind speed greater than that allowed by the rules.
** The javelin record (over time) appears to go 'backwards' at one point. This was because the
javelin could be thrown so far (over 100 metres for men) it was becoming increasingly difficult
to fit a safe throwing-range into a stadium, so the javelin was re-designed so as not to be
thrown so far! This meant that records had to be 're-started'.