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Index to Games Materials
These are all "mathematical games" which are entertaining to play in their own right, and which can also be used as a starting point for some form of analysis, where appropriate.
Games 1
[35 k]
A set of 2-player games to be played on 'boards', needing only a supply of counters and, in one case, 2 dice. Since all the boards are re-usable they are worth printing on card.
Games 2
[33 k]
Another set of 2-player games. Most of them need only a pen or pencil for making marks on paper. These are only worth printing on paper since the sheet is 'used-up' in the course of play. There are some additional notes on Variations.
Card Games
[44 k]
Games for 2 and more players, plus (for 1 player) some games of Patience and some Puzzles. All are intended to be played with a pack of number cards (usually available from Educational Suppliers) for which a 'master-set' is provided. There are Teacher's Notes. The given format allows all the rules to be made up into an A5-sized booklet.
Taking-out Games
[5 k]
Rules for some 2-player games which only require the use of some counters (or other suitable objects).
Putting-in Games
[7 k]
Rules for some 2-player games requiring only pencil and paper.
Games in Class
[15 k]
A very short paper on mathematical games, their rationale and ways of using them.
Other Sources
[5 k]
A brief list of other sources of information on games.

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