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Additional Information
If the value or cost of something is entered in one of the empty boxes (for a particular year), then its comparable value for all the other years will be given.
This evaluation is based on the
Consumer Price (General) Index
of the country named at the head of the calculator. A detailed explanation of what that is can be found in the separate notes (see below).

Limits on input values are from 1 to a billion.

Values are given to 2 decimal places, ONLY so as to look like a currency.
Given the wide-ranging assumptions on which all this is based, (see notes), this is an accuracy which is certainly NOT justified.

Remember, it is not properly a Cost of Living Index (see notes).

Since the Index is historic (based on what has happened) and not predictive, future years are blanked out. They will neither accept nor give values.
Notes on the
Cost of Living Index are available.

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