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Puzzle Trio 25

73. Note these colours and shapes -
green circle
orange rhombus
purple square
There are a lot of them around, though they do tend to go unnoticed by most people. But not by those who need them!
Currently there is only one more in existence to make the set, though most people will not have seen it.
What is the other colour and shape?

74. On our wedding anniversary, four years ago, my wife was able to say to me, that she had been married to me for three-fifths of her life, but that I had been married to her for only one-half of my life.
But then, there is a 10-year difference in our ages.
How long have we been married?

75. In the middle of a large field there is a wooden hut on a rectangular base measuring 10 metres by 6 metres.
Outside the hut, and tethered by a chain to one corner is a goat.
Over what area can the goat graze if the tether is
(a) 5 metres long    
(b) 15 metres long?

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