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Puzzle Trio 23

67. The two main scales used for measuring temperature are the Fahrenheit and the Celsius scales.
Some commonly-used temperatures are shown on the right as they would be shown on those scales.
Notice that they seem to get closer together as they go down.

At what temperature do both scales read the same?
Fahrenheit Celsius
Boiling point
of water
Blood heat98.6°F 37°C
Freezing point
of water

68. Puzzle Maze
The drawing above is a simple puzzle-maze through which you have to find a path from IN to OUT.
Easy! But did you notice that many different paths are possible?
With the restriction that no passage may be used more than once in any path,
how many different paths are possible?

69. A room is 3 metres high by 4 metres wide by 5 metres long.
In the middle of one of the end (smaller) walls is a male spider.
In the topmost corner of the opposite end wall is a female spider.
The male wishes to get better acquainted with the female.

What is the length of the shortest distance he must scuttle to do that?

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