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Puzzle Trio 16

46. The menu at the cheap and cheerful Greasy Spoon Cafe offers
Egg and chips72p
Egg and bacon84p
Egg, chips and beans94p
Egg, chips and bacon118p
Egg, chips and 2 sausages98p
But I don't like eggs and order 'Chips, beans and 2 sausages'
What should that cost?

47. All of the odd numbers from 1 to 999 are added together.
What is the total?

48. There are two isosceles triangles.
They are equal in area.
In both triangles all edges measure an exact number of cm.
In both triangles the two edges of equal length are 13cm.
In one of them the third edge measures 10cm.
What is the length of the third edge of the other?

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