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Puzzle Trio 8

22. Take the 2-digit number 45.
Square it (45 x 45) to make 2025
Split this 4-digit number in half to make 20 and 25
Add them (20 + 25) to make 45
Which is what you started with.
Find another 2-digit number which does the same.

23. A group of four people, when asked the time gave these different answers -
Jan said said it was "3 minutes past10"
Kit said said it was "3 minutes to10"
Nicky said said it was "6 minutes to10"
Terri said said it was "2 minutes past10"
They were all supposed to be telling the same time!
They were all wrong.
Their errors (in no particular order) were 2, 3, 4 and 5 minutes.
What was the correct time?

24. The drawing is of the flag of St. George.
It consists of a red cross on a white background.
Both arms of the red cross are the same width.
The flag measures 60 cm by 91 cm.
The area of the red cross is equal to the area of white.
What is be the width of the red arms?

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