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Tangrams - Introduction

To make a set of tangram pieces
Cut out a square piece of card.
About 6 or 8 cm square is a good size.
Lightly mark a 4 by 4 grid of squares on it,
as shown in the diagram, to act as guide-lines.
4 by 4 grid
4 by 4 grid Draw in the lines shown on the left (in red)
and cut out along those lines.
This should make the 7 pieces of the
tangram set shown below.

7 tangram pieces

These 7 pieces are the basis of all tangram puzzles.
For each puzzle a shape is given, and you have to find how to make that shape using

And here is an example of a puzzle and its solution
Now here are 3 puzzles for you to try
cat indian runner

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