Stalky & Co.

Rudyard Kipling

(Rudyard Kipling — 1865-1936)

   Let us now Praise Famous Men . . . .
Chapter Index
'In Ambush'
Slaves of the Lamp. Part 1
An Unsavoury Interlude
The Impressionists
The Moral Reformers
A Little Prep.
The Flag of their Country
The Last Term
Slaves of the Lamp. Part 2
The nine stories listed above first appeared in separate journals and were not collected into book form until 1899.
Kipling went on to write a further five Stalky stories which, again, were published in various places, and not until 1929 were all fourteen stories published together in one book, The Complete Stalky & Co., together with a few other (related) bits and pieces. Only the nine stories listed above are available here.

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