Anthony Hope
Anthony Hope Hawkins was born on February 9th 1863

Educated at Marlborough, and Balliol College, Oxford.

Practised as a barrister, from 1877, until 1894 when he became successful as a novelist, writing as 'Anthony Hope'

He received his knighthood (making him Sir Anthony) in 1918, for his services to the Ministry of Information in World War I.

He married Elizabeth Somerville Sheldon, of New York, in 1903

He died on 8th July 1933.

Works included:
1894   Dolly Dialogues
1894   The Prisoner of Zenda
1898   Rupert of Hentzau — (a sequel to 'Zenda')
1901   Tristram of Blent
1906   Sophy of Kravonia
1920   Lucinda

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