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World Records for Marathon (Women)
1926   October 3rdChiswick, UKViolet Piercy GB3h 40m 22s
1964May 23rdRyde, UKDale Grieg GB3h 27m 45s
1967May 6thTorontoMaureen Wilton Canada3h 15m 22s
1967September 16th   WaldnielAnni Pede-Erdkamp    Germany3h 7m 26s
1970February 28thSeaside, USACaroline Walker USA3h 2m 53s
1971May 9thPhiladelphiaBeth Bonner USA3h 1m 42s
1971August 31stWerribee, Australia   Adrienne Beames Australia2h 46m 30s
1974October 27thNeuf BrisachChantal Langlace France2h 46m 24s
1974December 1stCulverCity, USAJackie Hansen USA2h 43m 55s
1975April 21stBostonLiane Winter Germany2h 42m 24s
1975May 3rdDulmenChrista Vahlensieck Germany2h 40m 16s
1975October 12thEugene, USAJackie Hansen USA2h 38m 19s
1977May 1stOyarzunChantal Langlace France2h 35m 16s
1977September 10thBerlinChrista Vahlensieck Germany2h 34m 48s
1978October 22ndNew YorkGrete Waitz Norway2h 32m 30s
1979October 21stNew YorkGrete Waitz Norway2h 27m 33s
1980October 26thNew YorkGrete Waitz Norway2h 25m 42s
1983April 17thLondonGrete Waitz Norway2h 25m 29s
1983April 18thBostonJoan Benoit USA2h 22m 43s
1985April 21stLondonIngrid Kristiansen Norway2h 21m 6s
1998April 4thRotterdamTegla LoroupeKenya2h 20m 47s
1999September 26thBerlinTegla LoroupeKenya2h 20m 43s
2001October 10thChicagoCatherine NderebaKenya2h 18m 47s
2003April 13thLondonPaula RadcliffeGB2h 15m 25s
See under Men's Marathon about cautions necessary when comparing times in this event.

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