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The Olympics - Other Sources
There have been many books written about the Olympics.
Here are a few which give the results and statistics (usually with some stories also)
The Complete Book of the OlympicsDavid WallechinskyArum Press
The Athletes of the Games of the OlympicsWolf Lyberg
The Golden Book of the OlympicsBuchanan & Kamper
Olympics Fact BookStan GreenbergGuinness
The Olympic GamesLord Killanin & John RoddaMacDonald & James
For something about the people who run the games,
and the seedier side of it all (swindling, cheating, drugs etc.) try
The Lords of the RingsSimpson & JenningsSimon and Schuster

There are many hundreds of Web pages concerning the Olympics.
One starting point is the site which is run by the Olympic Organisation
But the use of a good search engine will yield much more.

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